Service overview(annual contract only)

Periodic cleaning work※:once a month

・Clean with a vacuum cleaner
・Ventilate a room

¥5,500〜/ per time
¥66,000〜/an annual

Periodic inspection※:once a month

・Equipment inspection
・Plumbing inspection
・Pest/vermin inspection
・Disaster inspection(Emergency only)

¥11,000〜/per time
¥132,000〜/an annual

House cleaning:once every 1 to 3 months

・Toilet(1 unit only)

¥25,000〜/per time
¥100,000〜/an annual

Garden management :once every 2 or 3 months

・Sweeping the fallen leaves

¥33,000〜/per time
¥132,000〜/an annual

特別清掃:once or twice a year

・Air conditioner cleaning
・Fan cleaning
・Gutter cleaning

¥50,000〜/per time

Optional service

・collect household garbage ¥3,300~/per time
・extra cleaning service

pay each time